2022-23 Tryout Information

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Georgetown Impact Volleyball Club has 14 OVA Representative/Competitive Volleyball Teams this season.


The primary strength of Impact Volleyball comes from our team of dedicated Volunteer Coaches.  Many of our Coaches have been coaching at Impact Volleyball for years and are the key reason behind our reputation for Highly Competitive Play and Sportsmanship.


What is Georgetown Impact Volleyball known best for?

  • Fantastic Volunteer Coaches

  • Highly Competitive Play with Strong Results

  • Graduating High-Quality, Sought-After Players

  • Sportsmanship and Community Spirit

  • A Dedicated Volunteer Executive


Who can play here?

  • The Georgetown Impact Volleyball Club has no geographic restrictions.

  • If you can drive here and make the team, you can play here.


Georgetown Impact Volleyball

"Where Competitive Youth Volleyball meets a strong sense of Volunteer Community Spirit."


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Georgetown Impact Volleyball

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